Sponsorship & Donations

Donations and Sponsorships

The Casino RSM Club is a proud to be supporter of many community organisations, education and sporting groups.

The Club regular provides financial and non financial support to a wide range of groups.

As a Not for Profit Community Organisation is is essential that funds and/or support the Club provides is only directed towards other non profit organisations and community groups, and that furthermore these groups are also transparent in their operations with good corporate governance and sound financial accountability in place.

As such it is important to note that the Club will only provide financial support to incorporated not for profit groups such as sporting clubs, schools, and community groups etc.  Preference will be given to groups located in the Richmond Valley/Casino District.

Financial support will not be provided to individuals, private companies, and unincorporated groups.

Cash sponsorship requests are only considered 4 times per year being in January, April, July and October.  Sponsorship & Donation requests must be submitted on the appropriate form (link below) with details provided and should be submitted well in advance of when the funds are required.  Back dated and past events and activities will not be supported.

Donation or Sponsorship Request Form

In kind support such as hosting fundraisers etc may be provided to individuals and non incorporated groups on a case by case basis.  If this applies to you or you group please contact Club Management to discuss.

Groups seeking other grant opportunities should contact the Richmond Valley Council Grants Officer and/or information on the Club Grants Scheme.