Casino RSM Club prides itself on it’s continued support it provides to the local sporting and community groups.

Casino RSM Euchre Club

The Euchre Club meet every Wednesday at 7pm in the Members Lounge. Winners receive vouchers that can be spent in the Club or redeemed onto Club membership cards.

Casino RSM Lawn Bowls Club

The Bowling Club consists of three sides; men’s, women’s, and the mixed side.

Women’s Bowling
President – Mary Mead
(02) 666 21 666

Men’s Bowling
President – Garry Burt
Secretary – Paul Turner
(02) 6662 1666

RSM Bowls Facebook

• Tuesday 9:30am – Men’s Bowling Club

• Wednesday 9.30am – Ladies Bowling Club

• Thursday 1.00pm – Mixed Bowling Club

•  Friday 9.30am – Ladies Bowling Club

• Saturday – 1.00pm – Mixed Bowling Club

Casino RSM Cobras Soccer Club
President – Shane Hogan
0456 606  863
Secretary – Macarla Blasche
0428 450 680

RSM Pigeon Club
Garry Burt
02 6662 1666

RSM Fishing Club
Kristy Martin

RSM Snooker Club
Tony Rea
02 6662 3151

Casino RSM Cougars RLFC

Cougars Senior RLFC
Joe Maloney – President

Regan Cooper – Senior Vice President
Warren Moss – Junior Vice President

Cougars Junior RLFC
Kirk Hancock – President

Brad Birney – Secretary

Shentel Jenkins & Bec Lambeth – Registrar

With over 300 junior players, the junior rugby league club has been awarded the Grassroot Club of the Year by NSWRL

Cougars Old Boys

We’re calling on past players and members to rally and join Cougars Old Boys.

Casino RSM Cougars Football Club has been in existence for over 40 years, with a proud history incorporating many characters that have played an integral role in shaping the great Cougars. The Old Boys has been formed as a support group to the football club. It provides the opportunity to maintain a register of contacts of past members.

Each year the RSM Cougars RLFC hold a commemorative day to honour the past players by coming together to support our current teams at Queen Elizabeth as they play while also wearing a uniform that resembles a past jersey. These jerseys are then raffled off to fundraise. We encourage all Club members, both past and present to head to the Queen Elizabeth Park to cheer on our current teams to victory, and then head to the RSM Club to celebrate a special history behind the Casino RSM Cougars RLFC.