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Casino RSM Club expands its horizon

The Casino RSM Club is venturing into new business endeavours through the refurbishment of the Royal Hotel, the purchase the Clydesdale Motel and Steakbarn, and acquiring the former Sil Gava site on Walker Street.

The expansion plans were shared with Club members at a recently-held forum, which also provide attendees an opportunity to raise issues and hear from the Board.

Board President Brad Birney said over the past year the Club had undergone significant changes, however, the Board remained steadfast in its confidence regarding the direction the Club was now heading. 

Mr Birney said with new CEO John Walker leading the helm, supported by a capable management team, the Club was poised to not only expand its core operations, but also diversify its offerings.

He said in light of tightening regulations surrounding gambling, it was imperative the Board and management looked ahead to secure additional revenue streams.

“This foresight ensures the Club’s ability to uphold its commitment to providing exceptional services to the community and supporting vital local organisations,” Mr Birney said.

“For more than 70 years, our Club has proudly contributed monetary support to various local sports, charities, and community groups – a testament to our dedication.”

Mr Walker said the Casino RSM Club’s foray into new business ventures aimed at further enriching the local economy and providing enhanced services to members and the broader community. He said in an era marked by innovation and adaptability, the Club’s Board and management team recognised the importance of diversification and sustainability.

“With this vision in mind, the Club has embarked on a journey to explore and develop new business opportunities which align with its core values and commitment to excellence,” Mr Walker said.

“Our goal is to not only enrich the lives of our members but also contribute positively to the broader community. 

“These new ventures represent an exciting chapter in our journey, and we are committed to upholding the same standards of excellence and dedication which have defined the Casino RSM Club for decades.”

The detailed plans include:

• The $3.5 million ground floor refurbishment of the Royal Hotel building, including the addition of a cafeteria, sports bar, corner bar, gaming room and enhancements to the beer garden and motel rooms, will offer a modern and inviting atmosphere with something for everyone.

• Around $1 million worth of renovations are planned for the RSM Club premises. Recognising some areas are showing signs of wear, the Board and management team understand the importance of maintaining a top-notch environment.

• The Board and management team are committed to supporting the Casino RSM Bowling Club by expanding the undercover bowling greens. At a minimum it will be a half green, but could evolve to a full rink following an evaluation. By enhancing capacity, the Club aims to attract larger bowling events, welcome new members, and explore opportunities to host diverse functions and events.

• The successfully acquisition of the former Sil Gava site on Walker Street marks another strategic investment within the Casino CBD, strategically located near the Club’s land holdings. Anticipating substantial population growth in Casino over the next decade, the acquisition of commercial land becomes paramount for the community. 

• The purchase of the Clydesdale Motel and Steakhouse presents another exciting opportunity for the Club. This acquisition not only furthers efforts to diversify beyond gaming but also opens new avenues in regards of functions, events, and accommodation. The Board and management team believe this venture complements the Club’s existing business model and offers prospects for expansion, given the site’s existing development approval for additional accommodations. 

Mr Birney said the Board understood its responsibility to make decisions which benefited all members and ensured the Club’s long-term sustainability. He said the Board, alongside the management team, remained steadfast in support of local sporting organisations.

“We firmly believe sports are an integral part of the Richmond Valley identity, offering significant social and community advantages,” Mr Birney said.

“We recently agreed to continue our major sponsorship of the Casino RSM Cougars and the Casino RSM Bulls, and have remained committed to the Casino RSM Cobras and Casino RSM Cavaliers.

“We will look to continue our investment into community beyond sport however, and the Board has identified an investment into the Valley’s youth as a priority.

“How this looks we do not know, but will be sure to keep our members and the Richmond Valley community informed of any developments. 

“We extend our heartfelt gratitude to each member for their unwavering support. With membership approaching the 10,000 mark, we are excited about the future and remain committed to placing all our members at the forefront of every decision.”


Casino RSM Club expands its horizon

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