Solar Projects

Casino RSM Goes “Off The Grid”

Over recent years the Casino RSM Club has taken an active role in finding ways to reduce its impact on the environment.

We have extensively upgraded our plant and equipment to more energy-saving technology, we have implement power and water-saving devices and entered into a program to recycle our kitchen green waste.

We have also invested heavily in solar technology.  In this regard, the Club has undertaken a number of projects.  These started with the installation of a 100kW solar plant on the Club roof.  Followed by the innative construction of a 112kW solar shade structure in the car park and the new 226kW Solar Bowling Green Cover.

All up the Club has a total solar installation of 438kW generating approximately 671,454kWh of clean power every year and is registered as a power plant with the Clean Energy Regulator.

Since turning on our latest solar installation the Club has been exporting power to the grid during the day.  The red in the graph below indicates power exports to the electricity network during a typical day.

As well as the power generation the Club is collecting rainwater from its bowling green roof, storing this in over 60,000lt water tanks to be utilised on the Club’s greens and gardens.

What’s Next?

The Club is still looking to ways to further reduce our impact on the environment, this includes worm farms, further equipment upgrades, the removal of plastic straws and any other way we can reduce, reuse and recycle.